The IMPSYZ Partnership

for Corporate Sustainability


Developing financially healthy sustainable business solutions.

We at IMPSYZ have developed a Sustainable Business Intelligence to improve operational and financial results for consults, engineers and corporate service providers  globally.

Our science and technology-based intelligence contains a profound knowledge from own experience solving problems and finding solutions within the parameters of corporate sustainability.


IMPSYZ is aiming to revolutionize the Sustainability industry.

IMPSYZ is a member based B2B partner program open to most industries and professionals with the aim of achieving certified sustainability.

Every qualified Impsyz Partner or Certified Sustainability & Impact Economic (SIE) Advisor is also our “in house” consults and advisors and our B2B hands-on professionals supporting your business and project directly by getting involved in solving problems and by aiding or leading your assessment, innovation and development.


Solving the Climate riddle

A paradigm shift

IMPSYZ is a paradigm shift between Economic Development and Climate Control, foremost a decision-making system with an assessment, solution and consequence dashboard.


IMPSYZ is the missing link between analytic sustainability and complex decision-making across the finance industry, invest projects, industrial production and corporate operations.

Predict outcomes

IMPSYZ not only predict economic, environmental and social results, we transform data into Sustainable Impact Points – SIP and measure results to help you sustain your responsible and evolving business.

IMPSYZ is A ONE-STOP Sustainable B2B HUB

The Power of Impactivation Business Intelligence comes from its dynamic infrastructure and ability to transform EHS, SDG, ESG and Impact investments with financial challenges; to find the Economic and Sustainable Equilibrium, predicting result’s and consequences using our Impact Dashboard before you turn your idea or decision into practical action by using our impact-simulator in your decision-making process.

Today, companies across the globe are using business analytics to find trends in consumer behaviour and to predict future asset longevity, as well as to detect risk, weakness, corruption and fraud.  


Sustainable Climate Finance

IMPSYZ is the only tailored “tool-maker” for businesses focusing on finance as a multi-levelled force within their organization and with a mission to make 17 UN SDG targets assessed, Impactivation covers more than 230 risk and impact areas to achieve Certified Sustainability including the innovative capital reallocation. We coined it dynamic reallocation.

The aim is to provide added profit and improved profitability within sustainability by out-performance of capital and social gain from both direct and indirect impact from the investment sources. By improving the current and adding new profitable products developed from the financial reallocation strategy. 

IMPSYZ corporate data modelling and formulas use and measure a series of advanced and sophisticated algorithms evaluating financial, climate, SDG, HSE and ESG performances available. By meeting the quality requirements, they are selectively gathered and measured by using metric token models. Each indicator delivers by our measurement method simulated on risk and profit value of each defined index.

The Impactivation Methodology provides a logic flow of input and imported data where it simulates, estimates and predicts on the analytic risk algorithm, with both the short-and long-term indicators considering the multiple layers of business data and the complex impact on financial and sustainability indicators.


The Sustainability Program


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The Impactivation Methodology

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ONE People – ONE Economy – ONE Planet


Accountable & Responsible Partnership on Planet A


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